Changes or damage to the vaginal canal can cause a variety of complications for patients, ranging from disrupted confidence, decreased pleasure during sexual intercourse, to discomfort and even pain. There are several options available for these patients, and one of the most effective treatments is surgically tightening and repairing the vaginal canal. Dr. Ourian has trained with the leaders of cosmetic and gynecologic surgery, and offers the safest and most effective vaginal rejuvenation Los Angeles women can obtain.

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Our Los Angeles vaginal rejuvenation procedure, also known as vaginoplasty, is designed to tighten and restore the vagina. This is usually performed after childbirth to restore the vagina after muscles or lining of the canal have been damaged.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

At A Glance

Average Cost: Call Us

Surgery Length: 1 - 2 Hours

Recovery Time: 1 Week

Anesthesia: General

Who is a Good Candidate for Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Patients who have laxity in the vagina are often good candidates for vaginal rejuvenation in Los Angeles. This is typically due to damage to the muscles or other tissues during childbirth. For some patients, the tissues and muscles have separated or become damaged to the extent that a tampon falls out. This issue can also make sexual intercourse not pleasurable, uncomfortable, or even painful. Finally, vaginal rejuvenation can also improve the appearance of the genitals. Before choosing a vaginal rejuvenation, you should be in good overall health. Dr. Ourian will examine the treatment area, evaluate your health and symptoms, and determine whether you are a good candidate for vaginal rejuvenation during a consultation appointment.

How is Beverly Hills Vaginal Rejuvenation Performed?

Our los Angeles Vaginoplasty surgery is performed under general anesthesia. During the procedure, excess skin is removed, generally in a pie-shaped wedge section, from the inside of the vagina as necessary. The muscles and tissues within the vagina are then tightened using sutures. Following these steps, Dr. Ourian will then close any incisions with dissolvable sutures.

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation Recovery Like?

After vaginal rejuvenation surgery, most patients require about one week of downtime to rest and recover. Some soreness and swelling are expected. Patients should not use tampons or have intercourse for at least four weeks after the procedure. Ice packs may be used to alleviate discomfort and reduce swelling. Dr. Ourian will give you detailed instructions for your recovery process and monitor your healing during follow-up appointments.

What Procedures Can I Combine with Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is often paired with a labiaplasty. A labiaplasty is a procedure which reduces long or excess tissue from the labia minora, which like the vagina can be damaged during childbirth. Some women also have excess labia tissue simply due to genetics or wish to change the appearance of their labia to better suit their cosmetic preference.

A vaginal rejuvenation procedure can also be included as part of a mommy makeover. A mommy makeover is a custom procedure which combines multiple surgeries to address various areas of the body that change during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.

A tummy tuck is commonly included as part of a mommy makeover, which reduces loose skin from the abdominal area and tightens the abdominal muscles for a toned look. Patients also frequently include a breast lift, breast augmentation, or breast reduction with their mommy makeover. A breast lift returns sagging or drooping breasts to a more youthful position. A breast augmentation uses saline or silicone implants to restore fullness and increase the size of the breasts. Finally, a breast reduction is an option for women with excessively large breasts.

How Much Does Vaginal Rejuvenation in Beverly Hills Cost?

The final cost of your Beverly Hills vaginal rejuvenation will vary depending on the extent of the surgery, whether you choose to pair the procedure with another surgery, and other factors. Dr. Ourian’s patient concierge will review the cost for your vaginal rejuvenation and give you a more specific estimate after your consultation appointment.


Frequently asked questions

Does vaginal rejuvenation work?
Health insurance generally does not cover vaginal rejuvenation surgery. In some rare cases, vaginal rejuvenation may be deemed medically necessary and covered by health insurance. However, this is not true for a majority of vaginal rejuvenation patients.
Does insurance cover vaginal rejuvenation?
“Vaginal rejuvenation” can refer to a number of procedures ranging from at-home treatments to non-surgical professional procedures, which range in both purpose and effectiveness. Surgical vaginal rejuvenation is, for many patients, the most effective option.
Is vaginal rejuvenation the same thing as labiaplasty?
Labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation, or vaginoplasty, are two different procedures. Vaginal rejuvenation surgery addresses lax, damaged, or excess tissues in the vaginal canal. Labiaplasty reduces excess tissues in the labia. The procedures can be performed together according to the patient’s needs or goals for surgery.