Breast procedures are some of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed nationally year after year, and in recent years, the breast lift procedure has been gaining popularity faster than other options. Breast lifts are ideal for patients who wish to improve the balance, position, and contour of their breasts but not necessarily increase their size. The procedure results in natural-looking, perky and youthful breasts. Dr. Ourian’s artistic talent and advanced surgical skills have earned him the reputation of providing the best breast lift Los Angeles has available.

What is a Breast Lift?

Beverly Hills breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, is a procedure designed to reshape and reposition the breasts for a more rejuvenated and balanced contour. This surgery is intended to lift the breasts to a new position without altering their size and does not utilize breast implants; rather, the existing breast tissue is reshaped and excess skin is removed.

Breast Lift

At A Glance

Average Cost: Call Us

Surgery Length: 2-3 Hours

Recovery Time: 1 Week

Anesthesia: General

Who is a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

A typical Beverly Hills breast lift candidate experiences some drooping and sagging of the breasts but does not necessarily wish to increase the size of the breasts. They may have sagging or droopiness as a result of aging, breastfeeding, weight fluctuation, weight loss, or genetic factors. They should also be generally healthy and at a stable weight. 

If you are considering a breast lift, here are the top five factors that may make you a good candidate:

  • Nipples pointing downward or beneath the breast crease 
  • Breast that have lost their shape, become deflated or elongated
  • Sagging or drooping of the breasts
  • Uneven breasts and nipple position
  • Excess stretched skin

One method of determining whether you would benefit from a breast lift is known as the “pencil test.” This involves placing a pencil as high as possible at the lower crease of the breasts and under the fold. If the pencil is held in place and the nipples droop below the pencil, you may benefit from a breast lift. 

Do I Need a Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation or Breast Reduction?

Many Los Angeles Breast Lift patients are unhappy with the appearance of their breasts, but unsure if they would benefit from a breast lift alone or a breast augmentation, or a combination of the two, also called a breast augmentation with lift. Dr. Ourian, an Ivy League trained plastic surgeon, will help you determine which is the best procedure for you during a consultation.

Breast Lift

A breast lift corrects sagging and drooping by volumetrically reshaping the breasts, and changes the position of the breast into a more youthful shape. A breast lift does not add any volume to the breasts, but rather repositions the breast to look firmer and perkier. A breast lift may give the appearance of more fullness to the upper portions of the breast by repositioning of sagging tissue, and look like of a “larger” breast, but again, no volume is added.

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation will increase the size, bust and shape of the breast, but will not correct drooping and sagging breasts or downward pointing nipples. As such, a breast augmentation is more appropriate for patients that already have appropriately positioned nipples with little to no sagging, and are looking to increase the size of their breasts.

Breast Augmentation with Lift

For some patients, a breast lift in conjunction with an augmentation may be more appropriate. During this procedure, the breast can be restored to more youthful position and the size is increased at the same time with the use of an implant. This combination of procedures, also a called an “augmentation mastopexy” will give you an increase in size, maximal upper breast fulness along with repositioning of sagging breasts and nipples.

Breast Reduction

A breast reduction, also known as a breast lift and reduction, is suitable for patients who have large breasts and are looking to reduce the size of their breasts. A breast reduction will also achieve a lift, in that the position of the nipple and overall breast shape that will be more perky and youthful.

How Is A Breast Lift Performed?

There are several techniques which Dr. Ourian may use to achieve your Beverly Hills breast lift. These are determined by factors such as the size and shape of your breasts before the surgery, the extent of your breast sagging, and the elasticity of your skin.

Breast lifts are performed under general anesthesia. First, Dr. Ourian will make an incision in one of three common patterns:

Scarless Breast Lift

In a scarless breast lift, also called a donut breast lift or periareolar mastopexy, an incision will be made around the areola.  Since the incision is around the areola, it will be essentially unnoticeable and undetectable, earning its name as a “scarless” breast lift. This option is only suitable for patients who have a mild amount of excess skin and sagging.

Lollipop Breast Lift

In a lollipop lift, also called a vertical mastopexy, the incision will be made around the areola and vertically down towards the breast crease. This method is effective for patients with a moderate amount of drooping.

Anchor Breast Lift

In an anchor breast lift, also called wise pattern mastopexy, the incision will be made around the areola, vertically down to the breast crease, and along the breast crease. This technique is reserved for women with severe drooping and a large amount of excess skin.

Through these incisions, the breast tissue is then lifted and reshaped to its ideal position. The nipple and areola will also be repositioned for a natural and youthful appearance. Excess skin may be removed, and the areola may be reduced if necessary. When these steps are complete, the incisions are closed. Rest assured that Dr. Ourian, arguably the best breast lift surgeon in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, will help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

What is Breast Lift Recovery Like?

After your Los Angeles breast lift surgery, you can expect to feel some soreness and experience mild swelling. Dr. Ourian will prescribe pain medication to help alleviate discomfort. Ice can help to reduce swelling, as well as wearing a supportive surgical bra. You will be required to wear this supportive bra for between two and three weeks following surgery.

Most patients rest and recover for about one week before returning to their daily activities. Most swelling and bruising should subsid within two weeks. You should avoid strenuous activities and exercise, especially heavy lifting, for at least four weeks after your breast lift. Dr. Ourian will monitor your healing through follow-up appointments after your breast lift. 

What Procedures Can I Combine with a Breast Lift?

In some cases, patients wish to increase the size of their breasts in addition to lifting their position. For this reason, a breast lift can be combined with a breast augmentation. This will lift the breasts to a more youthful position as well as increase the size of the breasts using saline or silicone implants. 

Breast lifts are also commonly performed as part of a mommy makeover. A mommy makeover is combination of procedures designed to address the areas of the body which are affected by pregnancy, and may include tummy tuck, liposuction, or labiaplasty in addition to breast procedures. 

Finally, some patients undergo a breast lift after they have lost a significant amount of weight. If this is the case, they may also wish to reduce excess skin and create a more toned and defined appearance in other areas of the body. For this reason, breast lift may be combined with procedures including a body liftarm lift, or thigh lift. 

How Much Does a Breast Lift in Beverly Hills Cost?

There are several factors which will determine the cost of your breast lift in Los Angeles, CA and Beverly Hills, including the techniques used, the geographic location where your surgery is conducted, and the expertise of your surgeon. Dr. Ourian’s patient concierge will be happy to discuss the costs involved in getting likely the best breast lift Beverly Hills has to offer during your consultation.


Frequently asked questions

Can a breast lift correct asymmetrical breasts?
The method of creating symmetrical breasts depends on the cause for the asymmetry. Breasts may be asymmetrical in size, shape, position, or a combination of these. If the breasts are asymmetrical because of their general position and position of the nipples, a breast lift can help create a more balanced appearance.
Is there such a thing as a scarless breast lift?
No matter what technique is used, a breast lift does result in scars at the incision site. However, in Dr. Ourian’s signature Los Angeles Scarless Breast Lift procedure, the incisions are made carefully around the areola, to ensure any resulting scars are as essentially totally unnoticeable and inconspicuous. No matter what type of breast lift procedure you undergo, following Dr. Ourian’s directions during your recovery process will help to minimize scarring.
Should I wait to get a breast lift until after pregnancy?
If you are planning to become pregnant soon, it may be advisable to wait until you are done having children before choosing to undergo a breast lift. The effects of another pregnancy and breastfeeding after a breast lift may be unpredictable, but can cause can cause re-drooping and sagging in the breasts. This has the potential to affect the results of your previously performed breast lift. Many patients choose a breast lift as part of their mommy makeover surgery, which is not recommended until at least six months after giving birth.
Can breast lift get rid of my stretch marks?
Depending on the location of the stretch marks, a breast lift may be a solution to permanently removing them. Stretch marks that are located on the lower half of the breast might be able to be removed during a breast lift. However, stretch marks located on the upper half of the breast are not able to be removed.
Will my insurance cover a breast lift?
Since a breast lift is considered to be an entirely cosmetic procedure, most insurance companies will not cover the cost of the procedure.
At what age can I have a breast lift?
A breast lift can be performed at any age, and as young as 18 years old. If you are above the age of 40, you should have a recent mammogram prior to undergoing your Los Angeles breast lift procedure. Schedule a consultation with Ourian Plastic Surgery to discuss the necessary steps prior to your procedure.