Many cosmetic surgery patients are interested in reversing signs of aging on their faces but do not yet have severe enough sagging to warrant a traditional facelift or do not wish to undergo the recovery process of this procedure. If signs of aging such as skin laxity, jowls, and fine lines or wrinkles have begun to show in the lower part of the face, these patients may benefit instead from Dr. Ourian’s signature Los Angeles mini facelift. Also called a “short scar facelift” or “weekend facelift,” this less-invasive variety of the well-known facelift can be effective in achieving a more youthful appearance. Dr. Ourian has trained at some of the nation’s premier hospitals and provides among the best mini face lift in Los Angeles.

What is a Beverly Hills Mini Facelift?

Our Los Angeles mini facelift is a less invasive type of facelift using shorter incisions that a traditional, full facelift. This procedure is intended for patients who have less severe signs of aging, but still seek to rejuvenate their appearance as they have some skin laxity around the cheeks and jowls at the jawline. A mini face lift is an effective and long-lasting way to achieve a more youthful and awake appearance.

Mini Facelift

At A Glance

Average Cost: Call Us

Surgery Length: 4 - 5 Hours

Recovery Time: 1 - 2 Weeks

Anesthesia: Local or General

Who is a Good Candidate for a Mini Facelift?

The ideal candidate for a mini facelift in Beverly Hills has signs of aging such as skin laxity, jowls, and wrinkles. These aging signs are less severe than candidates for a traditional facelift, but they will likely not see their ideal results from non-surgical procedures such as injectable fillers or chemical peels. In addition, candidates for mini facelifts should be generally healthy overall. It is also mandatory that you are a nonsmoker before undergoing a mini face lift.

How is a Beverly Hills Mini Facelift Performed?

A mini facelift is generally less invasive than a traditional facelift, but is performed using similar techniques. The mini facelift is focused on signs of aging through the lower portion of the face, including the cheeks and jawline. To complete a mini facelift, Dr. Ourian will make a small incision along the hairline, above each ear, or in the natural creases around the ear. Through these incisions, the tissues of the cheeks and jawline are lifted and tightened, which corrects sagging and jowls. In most cases, Dr. Ourian will perform a mini facelift under general anesthesia, but it is possible that only local anesthesia with sedation will be necessary. The surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure, meaning that you can typically return home the same day.

What is Mini Facelift Recovery Like?

After your mini facelift, you will need a trusted caregiver to drive you home as you can expect to feel drowsy after anesthesia. Some discomfort can be expected during the first few days of recovery, but this can be relieved through pain medication, which will be prescribed by Dr. Ourian. Swelling and bruising are also typical after a mini facelift, and in most cases last about a week after the surgery. Many patients feel well enough to return to work and other day-to-day activities between three to seven days after the procedure. Dr. Ourian will help you determine when it is advisable for you to resume your normal routine as well as more strenuous activities such as exercise.

What Procedures Can I Pair with Mini Facelift?

A mini facelift is designed to address aging signs in the lower portion of the face, but many patients also wish to address wrinkles or fine lines in other areas as well. If you’re opting for a mini facelift and have some aging signs that are not severe enough to require surgery, you may choose to pair your procedure with injectable treatments. Botox, for example, is a popular and nonsurgical method of softening wrinkles in the forehead and around the eyes by relaxing the muscles that are responsible for creating lines when you make certain facial expressions.

You may also choose to pair your mini facelift with a neck lift in order to address skin laxity and signs of aging in the neck as well as the face. While a mini facelift will enhance the jawline and remove jowls, the neck lift also removes fat from below the chin, helping to further define the chin, jaw and neck.

How Much Does a Mini Facelift in Beverly Hills Cost?

The final cost of a mini facelift in Los Angeles depends on many factors, including the extent of your surgery and whether you decide to pair it with another procedure. Dr. Ourian’s patient concierge team will be able to give you a more accurate and specific estimate for the cost of your Beverly Hills mini facelift after a thorough consultation.


Frequently asked questions

Which parts of the face will a mini facelift change?
A mini facelift is designed for signs of aging in the lower face, including the cheeks and jawline. It will not affect wrinkles, skin laxity, or other aging signs around the eyes or on the forehead.
How is a mini facelift different from a standard facelift?
A mini facelift is less invasive than a standard facelift and requires a shorter healing period, as the neck is not operated on. It is better suited for candidates with less severe aging signs. Mini facelifts are also known as “short scar facelifts.”
Will I have scars after a mini facelift?
While a mini facelift uses smaller, shorter incisions that a traditional or “full” facelift, these incisions do result in scarring. However, Dr. Ourian is careful to place incisions where they will be easily concealed, such as along the natural folds of the face or within the hairline when possible.