No matter how serious you are about skincare and anti-aging, there are other factors such as genetics, environmental pollutants, and lifestyle choices that can lead to wrinkles and loose, drooping skin. In Los Angeles, sun exposure over time is an added concern for our patients, as it increases signs of aging drastically. While most people automatically think of women when they think of facelifts, a growing number of men choose the procedure as well to look naturally rejuvenated and reverse signs of aging. Dr. Ourian has trained at some of the top institutions in the world, and has the expertise to perform high-quality, natural facelifts with exceptional results. It is no surprise that Dr. Ourian is known for performing the among best male facelift Beverly Hills patients can obtain.

What is a Facelift for Men?

Our Beverly Hills male facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy, is a surgical procedure which smooths wrinkles and reverses sagging and skin laxity in the midface. This is accomplished by tightening loose skin through small incisions near the ears, which are hidden within the hairline and around the ears. Unlike facelifts of the past, the modern techniques ensure that patients avoid a pulled or pinched look. Instead, the results take years off of the appearance while maintaining a masculine appearance.

Facelift for Men

At A Glance

Average Cost: Call Us

Surgery Length: 3 - 7 Hours

Recovery Time: 1 - 2 Weeks

Anesthesia: General

Who is a Good Candidate for a Facelift?

Men are often good candidates for a facelift if they have one or more of the following concerns:

  • Moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles around cheeks, nose, mouth and neck
  • Sagging of the skin and tissues in the cheeks
  • Loss of volume and hollowing of the cheeks
  • Sagging of skin around the jawline that create jowls
  • Generalized facial descent
  • Loose and poorly contoured neck, resulting in a “double chin” or “turkey neck”

A facelift addresses loose skin and wrinkles in the midface, neck and jawline, meaning that it does not address concerns in the eye area or forehead. Men concerned about wrinkles around the eyes or forehead should consider procedures such as browlift, blepharoplasty, or Botox injections, which can be paired with a facelift for many patients.

Before pursuing a facelift, candidates should be generally healthy overall. Patients shouldn’t smoke or take blood-thinning medication. Dr. Ourian, a top Beverly Hills male facelift surgeon, will determine if a facelift is your best option during your consultation.

How is a Beverly Hills Men’s Facelift Performed?

Dr. Ourian’s signature Beverly Hills facelift for men is usually performed under general anesthesia, but some patients may be candidates for the procedure to be performed under sedation. Incisions are made in front of and behind the ears, with special care taken to ensure scars are inconspicuous within the hairline or natural contours of the face. Dr. Ourian will determine the proper incision technique for each patient on a case-by-case basis. As needed, incisions may be made under the chin to perform a neck lift. Commonly, men are more concerned about sagging skin near the jawline and neck than wrinkles throughout the face compared to women, so utilizing neck lift techniques is often necessary.

Once incisions have been made, the tissues of the face are repositioned for a more youthful, elevated look. Dr. Ourian will use one of several techniques to achieve this, including a deep plane facelift approach or a SMAS facelift. Any excess skin will be removed, and when the tissues have been repositioned, the skin will be re-draped over the face. Upon completing these steps, the incisions will be closed.

What is Facelift Recovery Like?

After your customized Los Angeles facelift for men, Dr. Ourian will prescribe pain medication to alleviate any discomfort as you heal. Most patients require about 7 days to recover. During this time, you can expect swelling and mild bruising. You will have compression garments or bandages and drains in place after the procedure to help alleviate with swelling.

Dr. Ourian will advise when you have healed enough to resume more strenuous activities like exercise routines. For most, this occurs at about four weeks post-op. Your healing will be carefully monitored through a series of post-operative appointments.

After your procedure, it is important to keep up with proper skin care to maintain your results. Moisturize your skin daily using high-quality products, and limit sun exposure as much as possible. Facelift results are not considered permanent, because the face continues the aging process even after the surgery. However, with proper care, you can prevent more advanced signs of aging from recurring.

Male Facelift Recovery Overview

DAY 1: Return home or to overnight recovery facility. Sleep with head of bed elevated, and use cool compresses to minimize swelling.

DAY 2: Drains and dressings removed. Continue to keep head elevated and begin to wear facial compression garment.

DAY 3: Maximum bruising and swelling is expected. Shower with gentle shampooing. 

DAY 5-7: Stitches removed. Bruising and swelling begin to resolve. Discontinue use of compression garment.

WEEKS 2-3: Swelling and bruising almost entirely resolved.  Begin to return to normal activity. Light makeup is allowed at this time

What Procedures Can I Combine with a Facelift for Men?

A facelift will address signs of aging in the midface, but most patients seeking a male facelift in Los Angeles are concerned about aging signs in other areas. These patients can pair their facelift with other procedures, such as a brow lift or blepharoplasty. These reduce forehead lines, crow’s feet, or sagging eyelids for a pleasant, younger, and more awake look. Botox injections are a nonsurgical option for men who want to reduce lines around the eyes or forehead and have less loose or sagging skin in the area.

How Much Does a Male Facelift in Beverly Hills Cost?

The cost of a men’s facelift in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles depends on the specific location where your facelift was performed, your surgeon’s experience, the type of anesthesia used, and other factors. In the Los Angeles area, a facelift usually ranges between $10,000 and $25,000. Pairing your facelift with additional procedures will result in a higher overall cost. Dr. Ourian proudly provides the best possible care for all of his patients, including high-quality, safe, and effective facelifts for men. To learn more about the final cost of your men’s facelift with Dr. Ourian, schedule a complimentary consultation at Ourian Plastic Surgery


Frequently asked questions

Does a men’s facelift leave scars?
Because men typically wear their hair short, incisions are usually placed higher in the hairline or within natural folds near the ear so that any scars are hidden well. Scarring from a facelift is subtle and inconspicuous.
Does a men’s facelift include a neck lift?
A facelift and a neck lift can be performed as two separate procedures or paired together to reduce sagging skin and signs of aging in the face, jawline, and neck. Men are typically most concerned about “turkey neck” and aging signs in the jawline and neck, so Dr. Ourian frequently uses neck lift techniques to achieve their goal results.
How long does a facelift last?
Because we continue to age even after a facelift, the results can’t be labeled “permanent.” After the procedure, most patients say that they look about 12 years younger. Your facelift results should last about 15 years, and can be extended by taking proper care of your skin using high-quality products and avoiding excess sun exposure.
When will I be able to see the results of my facelift?
As the swelling subsides two weeks after your procedure, you will notice that your face, neck and jawline have a more youthful, rejuvenated and rested look. However, it can take months for your final results to emerge. Dr. Ourian will recommend a customized skin care regimen after your procedure to maintain your results.
Is a facelift painful?
Facelifts are generally tolerated very well by patients with minimal discomfort. Patients are often surprised at how little discomfort they experience. Any pain can be managed with medication that Dr. Ourian will prescribe.
Will my facelift make me look different or make my face look stretched?
The surgical approach of facelifts has evolved over the years. Dr. Ourian’s modern and customized approach to a facelift is to create a younger version of yourself – without looking “stretched” or unnatural. It is for this reason that Dr. Ourian provides among the best facelift in Beverly Hills.