Rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery options nationally, and an increasing number of men are choosing the procedure. The nose is one of the most prominent facial features as the center of the face, and it has a significant role in a man’s appearance and profile. Dr. Ourian provides the best male rhinoplasty Beverly Hills can lay claim to, creating a natural-looking nose that adds symmetry and visual balance to the face.

What is Male Rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a “nose job,” is a surgical procedure which changes the shape, size, or projection of the nose. Our Los Angeles male rhinoplasty transforms the nose to suit each patient’s aesthetic goals and preferences and ensure balance with the other facial features. The result in a natural-looking nose that the patient can feel confident about.

Male Rhinoplasty

At A Glance

Average Cost: Call Us

Surgery Length: 3 to 5 Hours

Recovery Time: 7 Days

Anesthesia: General

Who is a Good Candidate for a Male Rhinoplasty?

Most men who are self-conscious about the appearance of their nose or have breathing problems related to their nose but are otherwise healthy are good candidates for a male nose job. Men who wish to change their nose in one or more of the following ways can benefit from a rhinoplasty:

  • Creating an overall smaller or larger nose
  • Reshaping the nasal tip
  • Reducing the width of the nostrils
  • Straightening the bridge of the nose
  • Changing the nose’s angle or projection
  • Correcting a deviated septum

How is a Male Rhinoplasty Performed?

Our Male Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the patient’s goals and anatomy, either an open or closed rhinoplasty technique may be used to reshape the soft tissues. If necessary, the cartilage or bones of the nose may be added to using donor tissue from the ears or elsewhere in the nose. A men’s rhinoplasty usually takes about three to five hours to complete.

Open Rhinoplasty

An open rhinoplasty is typically chosen when the focus is altering the nasal tip and middle of the nose. In an open rhinoplasty, an incision is made across the septum between the nostrils.

Closed Rhinoplasty

A closed rhinoplasty is completed by making incisions inside the nose, through which the tissue can be reshaped. Dr. Ourian is more likely to choose this type of procedure for patients who wish to reshape the bridge of the nose.

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty

A nonsurgical rhinoplasty, or liquid rhinoplasty, is an option for patients who want to avoid surgery and whose rhinoplasty goals don’t include making the nose smaller. A nonsurgical rhinoplasty uses injectable products to make changes subtly and temporarily to the nose. Dr. Ourian will advise whether a nonsurgical rhinoplasty is an option for you.

What is Male Rhinoplasty Recovery Like?

Men can immediately return home after their rhinoplasty with Dr. Ourian. However, it’s best to have a trusted friend or family member to drive you home and assist you in the early stages of recovery. After your rhinoplasty, you can expect swelling, which will subside about a month after the procedure. Residual swelling can remain for six months or more after the procedure. Ice packs and cold compresses can be used to relieve swelling as well as discoloration and discomfort. Patients commonly experience bruising or redness around the nose and eyes following a rhinoplasty. Pain medication will ve prescribed to help keep you comfortable through the early stages of recovery. You will also likely be required to wear a splint to aid in proper healing for at least a week after the surgery.

Which Procedures Can I Combine with a Male Rhinoplasty?

Making changes to the nose affects the balance of the entire face. Men in particular often pair a rhinoplasty with a chin augmentation, which uses an implant to change the shape and projection of the chin. For men, this can especially be beneficial to create a stronger, more masculine jawline. 

How Much Does a Rhinoplasty Cost in Beverly Hills?

A Male Rhinoplasty in Los Angeles will vary in cost depending on factors like the specific location where the surgery is performed, the surgeon’s level of expertise, or the extent of the changes made. Dr. Ourian’s patient concierge can provide a more specific cost estimate for your rhinoplasty during your complimentary consultation with Ourian Plastic Surgery


Frequently asked questions

How long does swelling last after a rhinoplasty?
After your rhinoplasty, the majority of swelling dissipates within four to eight weeks. Residual swelling, which should not be noticeable or uncomfortable, can last for up to a year after the procedure.
Does insurance cover rhinoplasty?
Health insurance may cover rhinoplasty depending on your goal for the procedure. Some patients choose rhinoplasty to relieve breathing problems caused by issues such as a deviated septum or injury to the nose. In these cases, insurance may cover your rhinoplasty. However, if your goals for rhinoplasty are purely cosmetic, your health insurance will not cover the surgery.
How long will I need to wear a splint after my rhinoplasty?
Most rhinoplasty patients will be required to wear a splint for about a week after surgery. This helps to ensure the nose is held in its new shape during the early stages of recovery and heals properly. However, not all patients require a splint after their procedure. Dr. Ourian will give you specific instructions regarding your splint and any other considerations for your recovery process.