For transwomen and transfeminine people, the chest can be a significant source of gender dysphoria. For these patients, Dr. Ourian provides the best MTF top surgery that Beverly Hills has to offer. This procedure creates a more traditionally feminine appearance through the use of breast implants.

What is MTF Top Surgery?

MTF, or “male to female,” top surgery is a surgical procedure to create a more feminine-looking chest for transwomen and transfeminine people. The procedure uses saline or silicone breast implants to create feminine breasts.

Who is a Good Candidate for MTF Bottom Surgery?

Transwomen, transfeminine people, or intersex people are often good candidates for MTF bottom surgery so long as they are generally healthy overall. Most MTF bottom surgery patients have had counseling or therapy regarding their gender identity and have undergone hormone replacement therapy (HRT). In most cases, patients should have persistent gender dysphoria documented by a mental health professional who can also confirm that they have good control over their mental health overall and are capable of making a fully informed decision. Many professionals also agree that you should be living within a feminine gender role for at least a year before choosing MTF bottom surgery. Finally, you should be at least 18 years old before having MTF bottom surgery. 

Prior to your MTF bottom surgery, you should have hair removed from the genital area through electrolysis. It’s also important that you are a nonsmoker, as nicotine interferes with the healing process. Dr. Ourian will evaluate your overall health and determine whether you are a good candidate for MTF bottom surgery after a consultation appointment. 

How is MTF Bottom Surgery Performed?

The most common technique used for MTF bottom surgery is known as the “penile inversion” method. Using this method, patients are placed under general anesthesia. Using this technique, the penile skin is used to create the vaginal lining, the scrotal skin is used to create the labia majora, and the clitoris is constructed from the tip of the penis. During MTF bottom surgery, the testicles are removed. Finally, the urethra is shortened and placed in the appropriate position. 

For patients who do not have sufficient skin to create enough vaginal depth, skin grafts from the hip, inner thigh, or abdomen may be necessary. This method does not result in noticeable scarring, however, it is not generally preferable because skin grafts result in decreased sensitivity. 

MTF bottom surgery typically takes two to four hours to complete. 

What is MTF Bottom Surgery Recovery Like?

Immediately following the MTF bottom surgery procedure, bandages, sutures, and a catheter will be in place. Most patients remain in the hospital for several days after their MTF bottom surgery. Dr. Ourian will give you detailed instructions regarding your care when you are ready to return home. Discomfort and swelling are expected. Many MTF bottom surgery patients require up to a month to rest and recover before they are ready to return to work or their normal routine. However, patients commonly begin to feel more comfortable about two weeks after the surgery. 

Following the procedure, patients will be instructed to use vaginal dilators for six months to a year to maintain the depth and diameter of the vagina. Dr. Ourian will give you specific instructions regarding your recovery period during a consultation and follow-up appointments. 

What Procedures Can I Combine with MTF Bottom Surgery?

Many transwomen and transfeminine people choose to have both MTF bottom and MTF top surgery. MTF top surgery is a procedure which creates feminine breasts using saline or silicone breast implants. 

Patients may also choose to have surgical or nonsurgical procedures to create a more feminine appearance that aren’t necessarily within the gender-affirming category. For example, a lip augmentation could be chosen to create a softer or more feminine lip shape. Patients may also be interested in body contouring procedures such as a Brazilian butt lift, which creates a curvier silhouette using liposuction for the abdominal region, back, thighs, or sides and fat grafting to the buttocks. 

For many patients, it is advisable to have these procedures at separate times to allow for a simpler recovery period following each procedure. Dr. Ourian will develop a plan for your procedures after a consultation.

How Much Does MTF Bottom Surgery in Beverly Hills Cost?

The final cost of your MTF bottom surgery will vary depending on factors including the geographic location where your surgery takes place. In Beverly Hills, MTF bottom surgery costs, on average, $10,000-30,000. Dr. Ourian will give you a more specific cost estimate for your surgery following a consultation. 

For many patients, health insurance may cover MTF bottom surgery. In California, health insurance plans are required to cover gender affirming surgery in most instances. Your health insurance plan will likely require you to first acquire a letter from a mental health care provider stating that you experience persistent gender dysphoria, have all medical or mental health concerns reasonably controlled, are capable of making fully-informed decisions, and are a legal adult. 


Frequently asked questions

Does MTF bottom surgery work?
MTF bottom surgery results in a functional vagina and vulva. The goal of MTF bottom surgery is to create the appearance of a natural vagina that preserves sensitivity and functionality.
How long does MTF bottom surgery take?
MTF bottom surgery takes between 2-4 hours to complete. Following the surgery, patients generally remain in the hospital for up to 5 days and require up to a month of downtime.
Is MTF bottom surgery painful?
Discomfort is expected after MTF bottom surgery. Dr. Ourian will prescribe pain medication as necessary following your procedure. Most patients begin to feel more comfortable about two weeks after the surgery.