For transwomen and transfeminine people, the chest can be a significant source of gender dysphoria. For these patients, Dr. Ourian provides the best MTF top surgery that Beverly Hills has to offer. This procedure creates a more traditionally feminine appearance through the use of breast implants.

What is MTF Top Surgery?

MTF, or “male to female,” top surgery is a surgical procedure to create a more feminine-looking chest for transwomen and transfeminine people. The procedure uses saline or silicone breast implants to create feminine breasts.

Who is a Candidate for MTF Top Surgery?

MTF Top surgery is a good option for transwomen and transfeminine individuals seeking to relieve persistent gender dysphoria. Before undergoing the procedure, you should be generally healthy overall. Typically, you should also have a letter of recommendation from a mental health professional who can support your decision to pursue top surgery. Dr. Ourian will explain realistic expectations for the surgery and your potential results during a thorough consultation and review your health history to determine whether MTF top surgery is the best option for you. 

How is MTF Top Surgery Performed?

Dr. Ourian’s MTF top surgery is performed under general anesthesia. First, an incision is made in the armpit, around the areola, or at the inframammary fold. Through these incisions, implants are placed to create the shape and volume of the breast. When this is complete, the incisions are closed. 

Types of Implants

Patients may choose between saline and silicone implants. Saline implants are filled with saltwater. They are approved for patients 18 years old and older. In case of rupture, the saline is naturally absorbed by the body. Silicone gel implants are approved for patients 22 years old and older, and typically have a more natural look and feel. In case of rupture, silicone gel remains within the breast capsule, and must be surgically removed before the implant is replaced. In addition to these two types, implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round or teardrop shaped implants. Choosing implants often depends on what is most flattering to your proportions and suits your aesthetic preferences. Dr. Ourian will help guide your decision regarding implant types.

Tissue Expansion

Many MTF top surgery patients take feminizing hormones prior to their surgery, which expand the breast tissue allowing for implants to be placed. However, other patients may not have adequate existing tissue to safely place implants. In these cases, Dr. Ourian can perform an initial surgery to place tissue expanders in front of the chest muscles several weeks before your top surgery. These tissue expanders will be gradually filled with saline in order to stretch the skin, allowing for more space to place the implants. Dr. Ourian will determine whether you require tissue expanders during your consultation. 

What is MTF Top Surgery Recovery Like?

After MTF top surgery, you should arrange to someone, such as a trusted friend or family member, to drive you home and care for you during the initial healing period. Most patients require about a week to rest and recover before they are ready to return to their regular routine. As you heal, you will be required to wear a supportive surgical bra. You can expect some swelling, redness, bruising, and discomfort, which can be treated through pain medication. To ensure you do not place pressure on the surgical site, you should take care to sleep on your back for at least the first week after surgery. Dressings will likely be removed at about a week after the surgery. Swelling should decrease after two to three weeks, but some residual swelling may persist for up to four to six months. You should avoid strenuous activity, including exercise, for about six to eight weeks after surgery. Dr. Ourian will monitor your healing through follow-up appointments and advise you when you can resume normal activities. 

What Procedures Can I Combine with MTF Top Surgery?

Many transwomen and transfeminine people choose to combine their top surgery with another procedure to create a more traditionally feminine appearance. This can include a lip augmentation, which may use either injectable fillers or surgery to place implants to create fuller looking lips. Other procedures can also be chosen to create a more feminine body contour, such as a Brazilian butt lift or BBL, in which fat is removed from the abdomen, arms, thighs, or other areas and transferred to the buttocks and hips to create a more rounded and lifted shape. 

How Much Does MTF Top Surgery in Beverly Hills Cost?

The final cost of your MTF top surgery will vary depending on the geographic location where you have your procedure, the expertise of your surgeon, the type of implants you choose, and other factors. The average cost range for MTF surgery is between $5,000-10,000. 

Some health insurance plans may cover MTF top surgery. In fact, in some instances, California law may require that your health insurance covers gender affirming surgery. Most health insurance plans will require that you first acquire a letter from a mental health provider stating that you experience persistent gender dysphoria, are capable of making a fully-informed decision, have all present medical or mental health concerns reasonably controlled, and are a legal adult. 


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be on hormones before having MTF top surgery?
You do not have to be currently receiving hormone therapy before undergoing MTF top surgery. In some cases, it can be beneficial to be on feminizing hormones before surgery to increase the breast tissue so that tissue expanders are not necessary. However, this is not required before having MTF top surgery.
How do I choose the right size implants?
Before your surgery, Dr. Ourian will likely have you “try on” varying sizes of implants inside a bra to determine which size is most flattering for your body and suits your aesthetic preferences. He will also advise which size implant is safe and suitable for you.
Are MTF top surgery patients at higher risk for breast cancer?
There is no evidence which suggests that MTF top surgery would increase your risk of breast cancer. Only 2% of all breast cancer patients are those designated male at birth; transwomen and transfeminine people are at a very low risk for breast cancer whether or not they have had top surgery.